I was born in Trieste, a seaside town in the North-East of Italy where the wind “Bora” blows, it sweeps away the clouds and creates  brilliant, contrasting and bright colors of the sea, the sky and the mountains. 

As a child I asked my mother to give me something beautiful to do because beauty, as well as color, is a constant source of searching in my life. I made my wish come true by learning to work with glass in Murano, a small island near Venice where this art form was first born. 

Thanks to this ancient technique, I can mold the colors and shapes of glass beads into unique jewels. Each piece tells a part of me: from vitality to radiance, from joy to curiosity. These states of mind are transmitted into my creations, all made in the workshop of Modena, Italy.

I moved to this city because it is here that I met my life partner. Modena, known worldwide for its artistic excellence, technology and culinary expertise, has produced many leading people and products such as  Luciano Pavarotti, Ferrari Cars and Massimo Bottura.  

When I see others wearing and appreciating my unique and soulful creations, I have a deep satisfaction that I am fulfilling my desire to bring beauty and color into the world